How to measure my filter

how measure filter.png

Allow a variance of +/- 5mm when measuring your spa as old filters alter in size due to expansions & contraction.


Filters have different types of threads:

mpt thread.png
sae thread.png
female thread.jpg

MPT - The most common type of thread used on filters.  This is a FINE threaded end where the threads are close together

SAE - This is a COARSE thread where the threads are much more widely spaced

FEMALE threads - these are where the thread of the filter end is on the inside of the connector end rather than the outside




Some filters manufactured by Pleatco have a removable thread with a male connector placed at the bottom of the filter.  You may need to unscrew the filters male connector from your spa if it doesn't come out with the old filter.  Most of the filters from other brands are casted in one single piece in such a way that the thread connector will come off with the filter.